Grade 9/10


The Pre-College Planning Package is a great way to introduce freshmen or sophomores to the variety of components and expectations involved with the college process.  Emphasis is on uncovering and building upon academic strengths, interests and passions, which later will help guide your process of college identification.  


A Comprehensive 10/11/12 Package is also available for those who want an early start to the entire process in 10th.


o Records review prior to meeting (grades, PSAT8/9 or PSAT10, career assessments, surveys)

o Completion of a YouScience career assessment uncovering your interests and aptitudes

o Introduction to the college planning process at meeting (what are colleges looking for in students?)

o Self-evaluation (identify interests, strengths, goals)

o Academic-evaluation (identify areas to strengthen or explore)

o Develop a 4-year H.S. plan (curricular mapping)

o Connect career aptitudes & interests to college majors

o Create a standardized testing and prep plan 

o Understand differences between types of colleges and cost

o Introduction to concept of "financial fit" and the financial aid process 

o Utilizing the components of Naviance and College Board

o Identify/discuss importance of leadership, character, service as it relates to the college process

o Identify summer enrichment program options

o Begin to track all H.S. activities for extracurricular resume

o Action Plan developed and shared after meeting



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