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Grade 9/10


This consultation only package is designed to introduce  students and their parents to the variety of components and expectations involved with the college process. This package should be followed by the Comprehensive College Identification & Application Package 11/12.

This package includes one hour of cumulative phone consultation time and unlimited email correspondence. 

o Initial phone consultation​ with parent

o Records review (7/8 report cards, gr. 9 transcript, PSAT8/9, PSAT10, PreACT, career assessments, BCC surveys)

Introduction to the college planning process (what are colleges looking for in students)

o Academic-evaluation (identify areas to strengthen or explore)

o Develop a 4-year H.S. plan (curricular mapping) based on academic & career interests

o Timelines shared for the college exploration process

o Standardized test prep plan suggested

Latest trends in college admissions shared (test optional, demonstrated interest)

o Introduction to the concept of "financial fit" and merit scholarships

o Utilizing the components of Naviance, SCOIR, Cialfo, College Kickstart and College Board

o Identify/discuss importance of leadership, character and service as it relates to the college process

o Identify summer enrichment programs, MOOC's and community service ideas to strengthen resume

o Comprehensive Individualized Student Action Plan developed and shared with family to take you through gr. 10 into gr. 11



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